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Independent study
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Independent study

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Independent study


About this course

This course allows students to study additional materials and perform additional research relevant to areas of interest, primarily in topics for which GCS does not have a specific course. This course may carry from one to four units in Biblical Studies, Christian Ministry or Theology.


Prerequisite: at least two previous courses in the discipline, with a grade of B or better.

Students may find this course useful for the following situations:

  1. The student wants to study a topic that is not currently covered in a GCS course, or to study in greater depth a topic that is covered only briefly.
  1. The student wishes to graduate soon, and needs hours in a specific discipline (theology, biblical studies or ministry), but the student has already taken all the courses being offered in that discipline in a given semester.
  2. The student has received transfer credit, or credit for experiential learning, but the student needs one or two units to bring the total to a multiple of three, since our program is designed for courses of three units.
  3. The student expects to be too busy during the next few months to be able to handle a three-unit course, but the student is confident of handling one or two units, perhaps by dedicating a few weeks to full-time independent study.

The topic, textbooks, and instructor must be approved in advance. The course requires a minimum of 300 pages of reading for each unit of credit. See the short syllabus for more information.