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Course Schedule

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Fall 2022
BI512The ProphetsTim Finlay
BI524Epistles of PaulMike Morrison
CM502Church History: The Second MillenniumSteve Dolson-Andrew
CM501Pastoral Leadership/Foundations of Ch. MinistryLance McKinnon
CM507Experiencing the TrinityLarry Hinkle
FE501-3Field EducationRandy Bloom
TH502Jesus Christ, the Nature of Humans and SalvationGary Deddo
Spring 2023
BI501Biblical InterpretationMike Morrison
BI510Old Testament SurveyJeannine Graham
BI523Acts of the ApostlesDan Rogers
CM504Practice of MinistryTed Johnston
FE501-3Field EducationRandy Bloom
TH501Nature of God and Jesus ChristLance McKinnon and Gary Deddo
Summer 2023
BI522The GospelsMike Morrison
CH501Church History: The First MillenniumSteve Dolson-Andrew
CM511HomileticsDan Rogers
CM513Trinitarian WorshipLance McKinnon
FE501-3Field EducationRandy Bloom
TH507Theology of C.S. LewisGary Deddo

Fall 2023
BI520New Testament SurveyMike Morrison
CM503Christian CounselingTed Johnston
CM507Experiencing the TrinityLarry Hinkle
CM510Polity of Grace Communion InternationalGreg Williams
FE501-3Field EducationRandy Bloom
TH503The Spirit, the Church, and Last ThingsGary Deddo

All schedules are tentative. If fewer than five students register for a course, it may be cancelled, at the discretion of the instructor. Thesis and Capstone courses are offered in all semesters.

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