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Discipleship 101

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Christian Life

Law and Grace, by Gary Deddo

Humans in the Image of God, by Michael Morrison

Christian Life and Our Participation in Christ’s Continuing Ministry, by Gary Deddo

Theological Ethics, by Gary Deddo

What Christian Revelation Understands About Reality and Relationships (that secular culture does not), by Gary Deddo

Avoiding the Chains of Legalism, by Gary Deddo

Wholehearted: Finding Personal Wholeness in Jesus, by Cathy Deddo

Resurrection and Ascension: What it means to Be “in Christ,” by Neil Earle

Covenant, Law, and God’s Faithfulness, by Gary Deddo

Romans 13 and Christian Submission to Civil Authority, by Michael Morrison

The Role of the Ten Commandments in Christian Ethics, by Michael Morrison



How to Interpret Bible Prophecy, by Michael Morrison

The Intermediate State, by Michael Morrison

Three Views of the Millennium, by Michael Morrison