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BI523 – Acts of the Apostles
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BI523 – Acts of the Apostles

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BI523 – Acts of the Apostles


About this course

This course chronicles the characters and events in the book of Acts to study the early development of the Christian church from its Jewish base to the inclusion of all peoples. The lives of the Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul set the background for studies of the General Epistles and Pauline Epistles.


  1. Students will exegete passages in Acts based on the culture of the event and audience in order to relate the message to today’s culture.
  2. Students will exegete narrative and sermons in Acts paying close attention to structure and plot, theological perspectives and themes. 
  3. Students will analyze and reflect on the work of God, the Holy Spirit, in his action in establishing the early church and see application for the work of the Spirit in the Body of Christ today.
  4. Students will evaluate how the book of Acts illuminates the spiritual pilgrimage of the individual believer and guides the development of today’s congregation.