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November 2020

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“Don’t Cry for Jesus” was one of the most memorable sermons I have ever heard. It was given by Dr. Lewis Smedes (1921-2002) at a Fuller Seminary chapel service. I was there as a student during Holy Week in hopes of being better prepared to fully appreciate Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. My prayers were answered that day. I heard a message that has stuck with me ever since. What was Professor Smedes getting at that struck me as being so profoundly right? He wanted us to see as clearly and precisely

The doctrine of the Incarnation declares that the eternal Son of God, in adding humanity to his divinity, became Jesus Christ—one person with two natures; fully God and fully human. Reflecting on that truth, many ask, What sort of human nature did Jesus have? Some say it was the one possessed by Adam and Eve before the fall. Others say it was human nature corrupted by the fall. Though we do not consider this issue to be a core doctrine, it does (in alignment with historically orthodox Christian doctrine) teach that

Gary Deddo: It's great to have you here. Tell us a little about yourself. You went to Scotland and studied theology, and you've been involved in pastoral ministry since then. What led you to study theology? Geordie Ziegler: I fell in love with the Bible. I got exposed to it in college. I didn't go to a Christian college but I attended a Bible school for one semester and fell in love with it. That sent me to seminary and so I was at Regent College for a seminary, and that ended up