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    Bailey, Debby
    Berger, Lee
    Broadnax, Jeff
    Butler, Sam
    Caranto, Jillian
    Conrad, Ralph
    Dahlgren, Mel
    Davey, Marty
    Deuel, Becky
    Dobritch, John
    Elwell, Lloyd
    Engle, Don
    Fairchild, Bonnie
    Ford, Bill
    Gough, Frank
    Greider, Mike
    High, Willard
    Howe, David
    Huffman, John
    Ivey, Bonnie
    Johannsen, Doug
    Leprohon, Jean
    Linge, Bill
    Manuel, Martin
    McCulley, Mark
    McKinney, Robert
    McKinnon, Lance
    Mieure, Les
    Novick, John
    O'Dell, Sammy
    Queener, Mark
    Rasmussen, Mike
    Ray, Curtis
    Reinagel, Karl
    Rex, Linda
    Roberts, Keith
    Rooney, Andy
    Rummel, Jon
    Sanders, Dwight
    Smith, Carrie
    Stapleton, Mark
    Swagerty, Mike
    Swartz, Jeff
    Taylor, Charles
    Walton, Merv
    Weber, Glen
    Williams, Ken
    Wilson, Warren
    Winborne, Tracy
    Winn, William
    Winston, Jacqueem

    • Theses

      Theses are listed in chronological order:

      Church Growth in America – Whose Responsibility Is It?, by Mike Swagerty

      Persons of All Races Are Included in God's Plan to Adopt Humanity, by Bonnie Fairchild

      The Role of Encouragement in Pastoral Ministry, by Karl Reinagel

      Marriage Is Good, But Is It a Sacrament?, by Ken Williams

      An Argument Against the Teachings of the Immortal Soul, by John Huffman

      Ethics in the Prison Epistles, by Mervin Walton

      Church and Community – Staying Relevant in a Changing World, by Sam Butler

      Thomas F. Torrance and the Problem of Limited Atonement, by Bill Ford

      Ministering Wholeness and Healing in Christ, by Linda Rex

      Peace When Facing Death, by Don Engle

      Forgiving Others in the Light of Trinitarian Theology, by John Dobritch

      Prophecy – When God Speaks to His People, by Glen Weber

      Eternal Life as a Personal Relationship, by Tracy Winborne

      Toward a 21st-Century Trinitarian Theology of Gerontology, by Rocky Conrad

      Women in Church Planting, by Becky Deuel

      Spiritual Gift Mixtures Can Help Determine Outreach, by Sammy O’Dell

      Echo of Jesus' Prayer in Pastoral Ministry, by Martin Manuel

      A Case for Bivocational Pastors, by Mark Queener

      The Gospel According to Woodturning, by Doug Johannsen

      Paul's Doctrine of Law as Expressed in the Epistle of Romans, by Jon Rummel

      Effective Change Management in the Congregation, by Keith Roberts

      Evangelism as Gratitude, by Les Mieure

      A Study in Trinitarian Liberation – Imago Dei and the Transformation of the Senior Pastor..., by Bill Winn

      4 - G.I.V.E.N.: A Four-Point Paradigm for God-Centered Prison Ministry, by Jeff Broadnax

      The Eucharistic Controversy Within Christianity From Its Inception to Modern Times, by Curtis Ray

      The Joy of God, by Frank Gough

      Inclusion and Discipleship in the Church in View of the Developmentally Delayed: God Hears Us Through Red Headphones, by Lloyd Elwell

      What Difference Does the World Tomorrow Make in the World Today? A Christ-centered Eschatology, by Lance McKinnon

      Overcoming Barriers in Renewing Church Communities United in Christ – with a Focus on Generational Barriers, by Jeffrey M. Swartz