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    President Gary Deddo Gary Deddo
    Gary Deddo has a PhD from the University of Aberdeen. He worked for 20 years in campus ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and later as senior editor with InterVarsity Press. He now works full-time at GCI, and teaches courses in theology for GCS.
    Liaison Officer
    Russell Duke
    Russell Duke
    Russell Duke has a PhD in practical theology from Union Institute & University. He has served the church for more than 40 years in many capacities, both pastoral and administrative, including as President of Ambassador University. He is Vice-President of Grace Communion International and teaches courses in Christian ministry, and one course in theology.
    Dean of Faculty
    Michael Morrison
    Michael Morrison
    Michael Morrison has a PhD in New Testament Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. He has worked as a writer and editor for Grace Communion International since 1983. He is Dean of Faculty and an instructor for several courses. He is also associate pastor at Grace Life in Glendora.
    Georgia McKinnon

    • Part-Time Faculty

      Randy Bloom Randy Bloom Randy Bloom, with a Master of Divinity degree from Liberty University, teaches our course on church planting and development. He works on the Church Administration & Development team at Grace Communion International and has given numerous seminars and training in church planting.
      Jeff Broadnax Jeff Broadnax
      Jeffrey Broadnax has a Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Studies from Grace Communion Seminary and a Master of Science degree in Counselor Education from Western Connecticut State University. He is in his 30th year of pastoral ministry for GCI in Ohio and also serves as the National Coordinator for Generations Ministries. He teaches the Trinitarian Youth Ministry course.
      Neil Earle Neil Earle Neil Earle has a Master's in History from the University of Toronto, and a Master's in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. He has served as a pastor and a journalist for 40 years. He was the pastor of the GCI church in Glendora, CA, and at GCS, he teaches classes in church history.
      Timothy Finlay Timothy Finlay
      Timothy Finlay received his PhD in Old Testament Studies from Claremont Graduate University. He teaches full-time at Azusa Pacific University, and teaches a course in Old Testament studies for GCS.
      Larry Hinkle Larry Hinkle Larry Hinkle, with a Doctor of Ministry degree from Ashland Theological Seminary, teaches a course in spiritual formation. He serves Grace Communion International as a pastor and is founder of the ministry of Odyssey in Christ, Spiritual Formation for Leadership.
      Ted Johnston Ted Johnston Ted Johnston has a Master's in Liberal Studies: Psychology from Regis University, and a Master's in Christian Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He works as Special Assistant to GCI’s Vice President and Editor of GCI-USA publications. He teaches courses in Christian ministry.

      John McKenna John McKenna

      John McKenna has a PhD in history from Fuller Theological Seminary, studying also under T.F. Torrance at the University of Edinburgh. He teaches classes in Old Testament and the theology of T.F. Torrance.

      Dan Rogers Dan Rogers

      Dan Rogers, retired superintendent of U.S. ministers for Grace Communion International, has a PhD from Union University. He teaches a course in Acts of the Apostles and a course in Homiletics.

      Greg Williams Greg Williams

      Greg Williams, Superintendent of U.S. Ministers for Grace Communion International, has a Doctor of Ministry degree from Drew University. He teaches the Polity of Grace Communion International course.

      Technical Support

      For assistance with website and computer-related questions, see the friendly folks at GCI's IT department. Phone (980) 495-3979 or send email to