Topic outline

  • Introduction to Grace Communion Seminary

    Welcome to this no-cost, no-credit introductory series.

    Seminaries typically include classes in four major areas. We'll talk more about these areas as we go forward, and we'll also talk about Grace Communion Seminary - our online format and our online programs. Feel free to begin with any topic that interests you.

    • Introduction to Trinitarian Theology

      Our mission statement says that our courses are "informed by Incarnational Trinitarian faith." An understanding of the Trinity, and of the Incarnation, helps transform everything else we know about our relationship with God. We find it fascinating, helpful, and inspiring. This sequential lesson will help you learn more about our theological foundation.

    • Better Bible Study

      When we want to improve the way we play the piano, we need to practice. But just hitting random keys a thousand times won't help us much -- rather, we need to do chords and scales, and complex melodies, and other techniques that professionals use. In the same way, when we want to get better at Bible study, we need a disciplined method of practice. This lesson provides some pointers that can help.

    • The Bible's Big Story

      When we see how the story ends, we can better understand how the various details in the story helped move us toward that ending. To understand the Bible better, it can help us to see where the biblical story is going. It's like a drama -- and we are one of the participants! Here's the cue sheet to help us know where we fit into the story.

    • Why Leaders in the Church Need Seminary Training

      Seminary training isn't for everyone, but it can be helpful for several reasons. This sequential lesson explores these reasons in more detail.

    • GCS Programs and Services

      What kind of courses does GCS offer? Where should a new student begin? What certificates or diplomas does GCS offer? How do online classes work? What library services does GCS offer? How can a student do effective research on the internet? We address these questions - and more - in this lesson.

    • Navigating the GCS website

      For instructions on how to navigate our website, access lectures, participate in discussions, communicate with instructors, upload assignments, and see grades, see the detailed instructions in our Academic Catalog, which is posted at We hope to make the experience as user-friendly as we can.